3D Banner Rotator ( Flash and XML)

Exclusive Freebie: The Piecemaker XML Gallery

Source: http://active.tutsplus.com/freebies/exclusive/exclusive-freebie-the-piecemaker-xml-gallery/

Björn Crüger on Apr 1st 2010
It’s April 1st! Whilst I wouldn’t suggest you take everything on the tuts+ sites seriously today, this post is no joke. Today sees the beginning of monthly Exclusive Freebies – high quality files (website templates, galleries, media players, icon sets..) created exclusively for Activetuts+ readers!

To kick us off in style, here’s the awesome Piecemaker gallery created by Björn from Modularweb. Besides the freebie, you’ll find extensive documentation and a tut explaining the native 3D features of Flash CS4. Over to you, Björn..

Update: You can now grab the latest version: The Piecemaker 2 to take advantage of some brilliant additions, including the WordPress plugin!

—————————————————————|  Settings   |———————————————————–
To change size:
1. Open “piecemakerXML.xml” and set size.
2. Go to “images/image1” and change image size in photoshop or any other Image Editing Software.

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