Zend Famework 1.12.3 Installation


First of all download Zend framework 1.12.3 (Minimal Package)  .zip from here.


Extract it where you want , you can rename it “zend”, now follow given steps:

1. Copy the extracted folder and paste in C:/xampp/php/

2. Now go to in zend folder (C:\xampp\php\zend\bin)

3. Copy two file “zf.bat” and “zf.php”  and paste in C:\xampp\php.

Now we have to change  include_path value from php.ini, so here we go

4.  Now go to C:\xampp\php\php.ini . Open it in text editor. and search for “include_path”

5. now change the value to “C:\xampp\php\zend\library”, means your code should look like: include_path=”.;C:\xampp\php\zend\library”. Now save and close file.

6. Restart Server ” xampp”.

Installation Complete here, now we will check it through cmd

7. Go to run  and type “cmd” and press enter.

8. now type C:\users\xyz\>cd/

9. C:\>cd xampp

10. C:\xampp>cd php

11. C:\xampp\php>zf show version

Now Create project:

12. C:\xampp\php\>zf create project project_name C:\xampp\htdocs.


Now project created, if not found your folder under C:\xampp\htdocs. search it in C:\xampp\php\”project_name”. cut/copy this folder to htdocs.

Now we installed zend framework and we are ready to start our application.



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